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Welcoming New Patients


Combining Dental Experience With Dental Technology


We have made new technology a part of our practice because of the clear difference it makes in the dental treatments we offer. Modern technology in dentistry has given both patients and dentists have something to smile about. From early detection of possible problems to reduced pain and shorter procedures, the technology we have carefully selected for our office will improve your dental visits and your oral health.

Digital technologies continue to aid dentists’ efforts to ensure patients receive the best possible treatment under the most comfortable of circumstances. A small sampling of the technologies we use is included below.

  • Digital process – Virtually eliminates the use of paper and saves trees, making us an eco-friendly office. The digital x-ray system, intra oral cameras, and dental software we use allows our staff to chart fillings, decay, periodontal disease, and other case-specific findings
  • Cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT) – This form of computerized tomography provides dentists with a quick 3-D image of a patient’s oral or maxillofacial anatomy. It is the basis for implant surgical guides used by oral surgeons and periodontists when placing dental implants. Such pre-surgical imaging techniques have made implant placement easier and more predictable, which helps ensure greater treatment success.

    CT scans also are used to evaluate bone for dental implant placement and difficult tooth extractions to avoid possible complications during and after surgical procedures.
  • Digital X-Rays – Reduces radiation by 90%. Digital x-rays do not require harmful toxic chemicals for film development and eliminate the use of plastic film packets. The x-ray image immediately appears on a computer screen so both the patient and the dentist can review it immediately. X-rays allow us to:
    • Find decay and abnormalities between teeth and below the gum line
    • Monitor the effects of periodontal (gum) conditions
    • Evaluate your jaw bone and the position of your teeth
    • Monitor areas of concern before they become a problem
    • Detect any growths or abnormalities in your jawbone that may be a sign of something more serious
    • Get a complete picture of your teeth in relation to each other and your mouth (both inside and out)
  • Intra-Oral Camera – Intra-Oral cameras can produce accurate images of your teeth and the supporting structures. This allows you, Dr. Augimeri and his dental team that might be involved in your treatment, to see tooth defects. It also allows you to better understand the need for the recommended treatment. Intra-oral cameras also help you to learn more about dental hygiene practices, including where to focus on brushing your teeth.

We welcome you to our dental family in Midland, ON, and look forward to hearing from you! Call us today: 705.527.7772

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