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What is Gingivitis?

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What is Gingivities? Click here to see answers.

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Comprehensive Dental Care for the Entire Family

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Family & General Dentistry: Comprehensive Dental Care for the Entire Family

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2016 ODA Dental Convention

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Every year there is a dental convention held by the ODA, Ontario Dental association, in Toronto. As a staff we attend so we can stay up to date on the always changing dental products, services, procedures and education.  We use this time to not only educate ourselves but as a team building experience as well. This year we had 7 staff members attend. On the first day we each attended different lectures, administrative staff took lectures requiring scheduling for success, management staff took a lecture called RISE to Success, our clinical staff took lectures to do with periodontal issues, nutrition and lifestyles, and tobacco cessation.

After a full day of lectures we checked into our hotel, the Royal York. We got cleaned up and went out for a nice dinner and then to the Ripley’s aquarium. Sinclair, and company that we purchase many of our sundries from, were hosting an after party. It was a great evening, viewing all the different fish, sharks, and other underwater creatures. My favourite was the octopus! It was a great time to bond with team members, share a laugh, and experience each other outside the work place.

The Team at Ripleys Aquarium  The Girls at the Royal York

Downtown Toronto was super busy and in great spirits as the Blue Jays won their game, and the Toronto Raptors won their division. It was exciting to be a part of that positive energy. 

On Friday, we attended lectures in the morning then we walked the sales floor in the afternoon. We learned about sweet tooth obsession and its impact on oral and systemic health, TMJ, 21st Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry, Dental Implants, and Woman and Time: Setting a New Agenda. On the sales floor we learned about a new bone grafting material, looked at new chairs (see picture of Allison), new cleaning solutions to clean our water lines, and ordered an all-natural, Canadian lip balm to give out to all of our patient’s.

Allison at Dental Convention

Friday evening we went to an Italian restaurant in Vaughn called Just Desserts, as it is Dr. Augimeri’s favourite. It was delicious! Dr. Augimeri ordered a variety of food from pizza, pasta, meat and seafood and we all helped ourselves. I will definitely go back.

It was a great experience and an awesome 2 day adventure with my team, can’t wait till next year!

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Use Your Dental Benefits Before The End Of The Year

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Did you know that you could actually save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end of the year? While some dental insurance plans run on a fiscal year, or rolling year, most run on a calendar year.

Here are 4 reasons why you should make a dental appointment now.

  1. Yearly Maximum

    The yearly maximum is the most money that the dental insurance plan will pay for your dental work within one full year. This amount varies by insurance company, but what you do not use you cannot roll over. If you do not use it, you lose it!
  1. Premiums

    If you are paying your dental insurance premiums every month, you should be using your benefits. You should always have your regular dental cleanings to help prevent and detect any early signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer and other dental problems.
  1. Fee Increases

    Another reason to use your benefits before the end of the year are possible fee increases, which is set by The Royal College of Dental Surgeons.
  1. Dental Problems Can Worsen

    By delaying dental treatment, you are risking more extensive and expensive treatment down the road. What may be a simply filling needed now, could turn into a root canal later. So book your appointments now!

Insurance Piece of the Puzzle  Tooth and Root Canal Screw

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Why Regular Dental X-rays are so important, even in Year 2015!

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One of the main reasons you may go to the dentist is to detect dental problems before they turn into serious concerns and issues. While a physical examination can find noticeable signs of decay, some oral diseases are just not visible to the naked eye. This is why dental X-rays are such an important part of dental care. Dental X-rays can detect even the slightest traces of oral health problems at their earliest stages, such as cavities (decay), gum disease (gingivitis and periodontal disease), oral infections, and some types of tumors. With early detection, you can get the treatment you need before problems have a chance to develop and worsen.

It’s important to realize that dental X-rays are only taken when necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Their frequency depends on the individual’s dental health, signs of dental problems, age, and risk for oral disease. For example, if a patient, who attends their dental hygiene visits regularly and has not had a dental issue or decay in years, would not likely need x-rays every 6 or 9 months, but once every eighteen to twenty four months. If a patient presents themselves with a tooth that is bothering them, an x-ray is needed to determine what is happening. X-rays are the only way a dentist can see what is happening in between your teeth and what lies below.

While some people worry about the radiation exposure from X-rays, there really is no need for concern. Modern technology has reduced radiation levels to miniscule amounts. For almost 25 years, the Canadian Dental Association has published recommendations to help family dentistry practices make sure that radiation exposure is as low as effectively possible. In addition, dentists take numerous safety precautions like protective aprons and collars to protect patients from radiation. We also make any exposure as brief as possible by using digital X-rays. A quality 2D Pan with several segmented image options is preferred vs. numerous small x-rays, known as PA’s or a Full Mouth Series. Digital Intra Oral combined with quality Digital Pan Images is becoming the new standard of care. Dentistry at Lifestyles even has a CT scanner that has a much lower radiation dose then CT Scanners used at hospitals.

Just to give you an idea of exposure, here are some different x-rays and amount of exposure to compare: – a digital Panoramic uses 4.7 – 14.5 uSv, a cone beam CT scanner (like ours) uses 14 uSv, a full mouth series uses 150 uSv, and a medical CT scanner uses 1200-3300 uSv.  Radiation from other Sources: Daily Background 8 uSv, and a commercial flight uses 6 uSv per hour.

The true value of dental X-rays lies in the way they discover dental problems before they have a chance to develop. If we don’t catch these issues early, the treatment will end of costing you more in time and money to fix these areas.

As you can see, dental X-rays show the big picture on your dental health and play a valuable role in good dental care.

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Don’t Be a Victim of Bad Breath This Valentine’s Day

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Kisses 25 Cents!Dentistry at Lifestyles encourages you to kiss up a storm this Valentine’s Day. But before you do, make sure bad breath doesn’t spoil the experience.

Dentistry at Lifestyles has the following tips to combat bad breath:

  • Floss and brush your teeth, gums and tongue daily to remove bacteria and freshen your breath. Bad breath is mostly caused by the bacteria in our mouths
  • Drink plenty of water or chew on sugar-free gum to keep your mouth moist. Saliva inhibits the growth of bacteria that contribute to bad breath. Some antibiotics and alcohol can also lead to dry mouth, so have extra sugar-free gum or mints on hand
  • Certain foods can contribute to bad breath, such as garlic, onions and protein-rich foods like milk products, fish and meat. Brush your teeth after consuming these foods. Chewing sugar-free gum is a good option if you cannot brush your teeth after every meal
  • Cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco can cause dry mouth or halitosis (on top of being harmful to your overall health). Speak to your healthcare provider about quitting.
  • If bad breath persists, talk to your dentist. It could be a symptom of gum disease or other medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, infections of the nose or throat). Visit your dentist regularly to attain and maintain good oral health.

“You can try masking bad breath with mouthwash, mints or gum, but the only way to eliminate bad breath is through healthy habits,” says Dr. Levin. “A good oral health regimen will not only make you want to kiss others, but it may make others want to kiss you too.”

Call Us today to Book your Valentine’s Day Freshen Up Appointment so you can kiss your loved one with confidence!  705.527.7772

Happy Valentine's Day!

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