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Why did the Mona Lisa become one of the most famous paintings of all time?  That’s a question an incredible amount of people have asked themselves in the past.  And one possible answer that many believe is this: because of her unique smile.

When asked what people notice first when they meet someone…..number one answer was smile. Smile 47%, eyes 31%, smell 11%, clothes 7% and hair 4%.

The Benefits of Smiling:

  • Smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feel, almost similar to getting a good night’s sleep. Next time you are stressed out sitting in traffic, focus on smiling, and watch how it reduces the intensity of the body’s stress response.
  • Smiling helps to generate more positive emotions within you. That is why we often feel happier around children – they smile more. On average, they smile 400 times a day.   While a happy adult smiles 40-50 times a day, the average adult only smiles 20 times a day.
  • Smiling boosts your immune system, it helps it function better. When you smile your body relaxes, and therefore your immune system can ward off colds and other viruses.
  • Smiling lowers your blood pressure – when you smile endorphins go up and your blood pressure comes down.
  • Smiling is contagious – when you smile, those around you will smile in response. This creates a more positive environment.
  • Smiling changes your mood – on a biochemical level, smiling releases endorphins, serotonin, and increased levels of serotonin makes us happier.
  • Smiling is a natural pain healer – in addition to boosting your mood, endorphins and serotonin are natural pain relievers.
  • Smiling can help you live longer – researchers have found that happier people were less likely to develop heart problems. They also found those who smile more can live 5-7 years longer than those that don’t smile a lot.
  • Smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger – so exercise those muscles today.
  • Smiling makes you seem successful – smiling people appear more confident and are more likely to get promoted. Put a smile on at those meetings and people will react to you differently.
  • Smiling will make you more attractive – smiles are pretty darn attractive for more reasons than one. A smile suggests that you’re personable, easy going and empathic.
  • Smiling makes you a better leader – if you’re in a position of power, smiling may be the key to your success. A group of researchers from The University of Montpellier discovered that smiling is a more effective leadership technique than having great management responsibilities.

Happy, Smiling Staff = Productivity

So now imagine how productive you and your staff would be with less stress, less time off with colds, lower blood pressure, less pain, more positivity, longevity  of employees, and everyone full of confidence because they feel more attractive, personable, they feel successful and they believe in their leader. Wow, all with a smile.

Statistics Say:

  • Happy, Smiling Employees produce 12% more!!
  • Last year revenues increased by an average of 22.2% for the 2014 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for.
  • Make your workplace a happy, fun place to work….not with cheesy balloon-a-thons but by encouraging people to bring their personalities, quirks and passions to work. This leads to an increasingly seamless work/life mesh, a sense that people can really be themselves at work. Games, laughter, fun, smiles are great stress relievers, they renew and refresh us, and build very real bonds between employees.
None of this is rocket science; in fact it’s Leadership 101. But like all simple truths, it bears repeating because it is so important. Talent simply won’t hang around in a cold, mechanical, stifling, repressive culture. Developing happy employees is what twenty-first century management is all about. And guess what? It makes leadership a lot more fun, too!

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