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Geriatric Dentistry

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Aging Couple Man with Walker Man in Wheelchair 

% Population of Ontario – Aged 65+ (1991-2041)

Aging Man in Hospital

Aging in Canada – More Canadians are over 65 than Under 15!

We take caring for our elderly patients very seriously at Dentistry at Lifestyles, we have comfortable chairs in our front lobby, they are not too low and easy to get out of, we are wheelchair accessible and so our washrooms, we do not have any area rugs that our older patients may trip on, we have great lighting, we take your blood pressure to ensure you are in the proper range, our skilled hygienists chart and monitor your periodontal readings, we update your medical history at each visit, we offer sedation dentistry for our nervous patient’s,  we strive to tell, show and do with our great communications skills, we offer a treatment planning assessment, and we give you a friendly reminder call two weeks and then again two days before your appointment.

A Study stated a percentage of oral issues that bring in elderly patients

Oral Issue %
Impaired ability to eat, limited enjoyment 68
Pain or discomfort46
Dissatisfied with self-image51
Avoided social interaction93

For these oral issues we provide the following services implant supported dentures, implant supported crown and bridges, referral to denturists, fillings, bone grafting, extractions, crown and bridge, veneers, cleanings, oral cancer screenings, denture ultra-sonic cleanings, and we offer 4 levels of sedation dentistry for patients that need or wish for this service.

We offer complimentary implant information seminars quarterly; we like to educate our patients so they may make the best decision to suit their lifestyles. A dental implant is the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Please call our office for the date of our next implant information evening. We provide a great educational slide show, Dr. Augimeri will speak, a denturist will speak, while you sip on a drink and enjoy some snack food. Some of our staff will be there as well to help answer all of your questions.

Dry MouthXerostomia – is a condition known as “dry mouth”, is the dryness of the mouth which may be associated with a change in the composition of saliva flow. This condition is often due to a side effect of many types of medication, people who breathe through their mouths, dehydration, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and several diseases, such as Sjogren’s syndrome. We find our geriatric patients suffer more with this, we can provide saliva substitutes, items to increase saliva flow, promote hydration, humidify the room; promote nasal breathing with breathing strips, use MI paste at your dental hygiene visits.


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